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Data-related vendors (a.k.a. Data Processors) often assign the responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Compliance Officer to an employee already serving in a managerial role. While this strategy is economical, usually such employees have many responsibilities and only a general awareness of regulatory issues. In the event on an incident requiring a client or regulator to conduct an inquiry, investigation, or audit, there is a risk that the assignment is deemed superficial and/or inadequate.

DPOWingman™ is designed to provide employees who are responsible for in-house compliance with real time access to one of the world’s most highly respected data protection and privacy professionals. This not only demonstrates a solid dedication to enterprise compliance, but also puts their organizations in a position to help with clients’ regulatory compliance.

The low monthly subscription fee includes:

  • Initial evaluation of existing policies, procedures, operating documents, and websites
  • Assistance with compliance forms, RFPs, contracts and customer questions
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Unlimited email correspondence on compliance related issues
  • The DPOWingman™ quarterly e-newsletter

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What Does a DPO Do?

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