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TruDPO™ is best-in-class Data Protection Officer (DPO) representation for premiere data processors and data controllers around the world.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and service providers in possession of EU citizens’ personal information are required to assign a DPO regardless of what region of the world the organization is located.

This includes most healthcare, travel, hospitality, and financial institutions, as well as countless other businesses around the world that invariably find themselves serving EU residents.

As a result, regardless of their location, it is also a virtual certainty that a significant number of any service provider’s clients are subject to GDPR requirements, which means that the ITADs, shredders, records centers, managed services, etc., those clients rely on are also technically required to assign a qualified DPO.

BEYOND THE GDPR: Why having a Qualified DPO is a Modern-Day Practical Reality For All Businesses & Service Providers!

All data protection regulations necessitate that a qualified professional be assigned to assure regulatory compliance. The reason is simple: It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect compliance without a qualified individual being responsible for assuring it.

In fact, in the event of an incident, authorities will immediately ask to speak to the person responsible for compliance. When an organization or service provider has to admit that an unqualified individual (or no one) has been assigned that responsibility, it dramatically increases the likelihood of severe consequences.

Again, this applies equally to data controllers and service providers, and it is especially important when one considers that most U.S. states and other countries around the world either have or will soon have a GDPR-inspired data protection regulation in place.

Why Choose TruDPO™

TruDPO clients have retained a Data Protection Officer with one of the world’s most high-profile and well-regarded data protection pedigrees.

And, unlike a typical DPO, Privata Vox has the know-how, connections and horsepower to offer highly relevant services, support, articles and appearances representing clients in national and international forums around the world.

Equally important, while Privata Vox advises and supports clients on their emerging data protection regulatory responsibilities, it also proactively monitors and participates in regulatory policy-making, helping ensure clients’ interests are represented even as regulations are being developed.

Contact Privata Vox today to learn how your business can benefit from TruDPO services.

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