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Flawed ITAM: Known Cyber Security Risks Spell Trouble for CISOs and Boards

October 31, 2023
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Yesterday’s SEC release alleging that software developer SolarWinds Corp. and its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) T. Brown misled investors about known cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities is yet another in a series of Commission actions regarding cybersecurity that should be setting off alarms for CISOs, CIOs, and the boards at all publicly traded companies and…

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Data Controller/Data Processor Contracts #1:

July 17, 2023
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This blog explains why and when organizations should require contracts with service providers that have access to customer or employee personal information. One of the most underappreciated aspects of data controller/data processors contracts is when they are needed. This results from either 1) a lack of awareness of their necessity, or 2) the failure to…

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Why “Segregation of Duties” Should be Applied to ITAM-ITAD

June 16, 2023
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Segregation of Duties (SODs), a.k.a. Separation of Duties, is the basic fiduciary mechanism that prevents an individual or department from having full custody of process integrity where there is an inherent conflict of interest or an opportunity for fraud. As the name denotes, to mitigate these potential problems, the duties related to those processes are…

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