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Contractually Defining Information Custody Transfers

November 7, 2023
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KEY TAKEAWAYS: Information custody transfers are far more ubiquitous and riskier than most organizations appreciate. From a legal and regulatory perspective, “access to” equals “custody of.” There are specific elements and contractual assurances upon which all organizations should insist when transferring personal or proprietary information. Failure to obtain the appropriate assurances from any vendor accessing…

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Data Controller/Data Processor Contracts #2:
Regulatory Alignment

August 17, 2023
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This is the second blog in an ongoing series examining the often-overlooked nuances of data controller/data processor contracts. Regulatory alignment is one of the primary reasons regulations require contracts between data controllers and data processors. And, yet, despite its primacy, many contracts make the mistake of establishing this linkage with an overly simplistic clause stating…

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